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Asics, is Japan's Mizuka eight hi Lang founded running shoes sports brand, ASICS translated from the Latin maxim "anima sana in corpora sano". Its products represent the Japanese fine, professional national culture. The brand adhere to high-tech, high-quality standards, developed a number of patents, will prevent the wearer injured and sports fun combined, laid the world's fifth largest sports brand status.

As a long history of the brand, Asics on other sports manufacturers also have far-reaching impact, many elements of science and technology support from the running shoes empire, one of the largest pillar is GEL shock rubber. However, and most sports brands, Asics products with professional at the same time there is a sense of fashion, which Tengsuan tiger's products most prominent. And the United States runners and SUKU2 as the representative of the sub-page reflects its focus on the product line segmentation, in fact, the two groups of women and children is a good entry point, the former is easy to produce word of mouth, the latter is training User stickiness and identity. And this is a lot of other brands do not attach importance to the place, they will be too masculine publicity, so that the exercise of the sport also caused some patriarchal impression.